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Below are some examples of web sites that are designed and hosted by CSI. Please take a minute to look over some of the features that set CSI-designed sites apart from others. Feel free to contact us to discuss the design of an award-winning site for your business.

Bjerke Forgings, Inc. - A complete redesign of the client's existing site which loaded too slowly and lacked effective navigation. A notable feature of this site is a custom CGI sales inquiry form which combines ease of use with error checking to ensure that all required data is entered completely and correctly.  [bjerkeforgings.com Homepage]
 [pointescientific.com Homepage] Pointe Scientific, Inc. - A combination of HTML Tables, Frames, and CGI produce a design which is both unique and easy to navigate. A custom CGI script enables individual pages to be referenced and bookmarked within the frameset. Other noteworthy features of this site include the "Today's News" section and random product banner which are both maintained by the client through secure web forms.
The Virtual Tour is a CGI-driven application making it interactive and easy to update.
Rainbow Tape & Label, Inc. - This cost-effective site incorporates 3-D effects, image roll-overs, and animation to create a visually appealing interface that loads quickly and is easy to navigate.  [2rtl.com Homepage]

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